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Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Inland Fishery industry, Land, Tourism and Transport
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  • Dissemination of new agro technical knowledge to farmers.
  • Inculcate awareness in farmers through demonstrations and field work.
  • Recommendation of fertilizers after testing soil.
  • Introduction of post-harvest techniques.
  • Introduction of new varieties of crops.
  • Conducting Research and Experiments in farmers’ fields’
  • Conducting agricultural competitions.
  • Introduction of new agricultural machinery to farmers.
  • Making available new agro and agricultural information to the Public
  • Extension of new species and varieties within the province.
  • Creation of small farmers groups and implementation of extension methodology through them.
  • Agricultural exhibition work.
  • Production of seed and planting material required by farmers.
  • Giving publicity to subsidies available to farmers.
  • Extension of organic production
  • Participation in animal husbandry work.
  • Extension work on ancient paddy varieties.
  • Persuasion of unemployed youth to engage in agricultural work.
  • Development of housing sites.
  • Establishment of farmers’ societies.
  • Establishment of Young Farmers Clubs.

Services Provided by the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Uva together with Various Institutions.

  • Dissemination of new agro-technical know how to various institutions.
  • Implementation of the Fertilizers Act and the Soil Conservation Act.
  • Implementation of the Pesticides Act.
  • Extension of crops identified under the Crop Classification.
  • Implementation of Marketing Promotion Work for Farm Products.
  • Planning of suitable crop programs for the areas according to seasons and participation in implementing them.
  • Collection of agricultural statistics and data.
  • Implementation of agricultural projects which are foreign sponsored
  • Implementation of soil and water conservation.
  • Implementation of natural resources programs in the province.

Services Rendered by the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Uva for the Extension of Marketing Activities.

  • Supply of planting materials of improved varieties to registered private nursery keepers.
  • Introduction of agro based industries and participation in presenting such products to the market.
  • Implementation of programs for exporting agro products.
  • Implementation of Prior agreement production programs.
  • Participation in marketing agro products at convenient prices.
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